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...little baby of theirs was now was really starting to hammer-in just how long hed been out.A thought then occurred to him, what if Mulan was like this too?But then he remembered that this whole thing he was going to do was for her. He did want to see her again, but he couldnt let his friend check out before she was supposed to.In his attempt to jump down from his pedestal, he seemed to have undershot the space between the floor in front of them and the closest tombstone. His legs made contact with its edge and caused him to land on the floor with his face.When he pulled himself up Mushu saw that the two men were now looking down at him with matching surprise and confusion.Hey Shang, he greeted Shang with the best smile he could manage after such a spill.When Shang held his expression without saying anything, Mushu thought hed break the silence.Yeah, I knowlong time no see, huh?This seemed to bring Shang back around. Mushu? What are you doing here? His voice sounded about as worn as his face, but he also seemed to be getting over the shock of seeing the dragon hed only met a few times before.Well, Ive always been here. Mushu explained and gestured up to his pedestal.Shang shook his head. No, I mean, why are youawake?Shangs son...

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