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...ed around. There was a large ice arrow sticking out of her chest. There was a look of rage on her face before she disappeared in a blue light. "Ahri!" Sora called. There was an explosion in the distance and Sora lunged to the side out of instinct. Something shot past him and hit Lux full in the chest. She was knocked over backwards and disappeared in a golden light. "Son of a bitch!" Riku called, holding his Keyblade forward. There was a flash of black fire around Riku's Keyblade and a large burst of black flames shot away from him. There was an angered cry in the fog and a surge of green light from the fog. Four people came out of the fog, two women, a man and a black ghost-like creature. Sora, Riku and Akali were left to fight them. "I got Master Yi!" Akali called, running straight at the man with a large sword and purple seven-lense goggles. "Die!" Sora cried, hurling his Keyblade forward. It spun around and struck the woman with the pistols across the head. Her head seemed to cave in before she disappeared in a black light.The other woman with an icy blue bow stopped and took aim with an arrow. She was only wearing a blue skirt, a blue armored top and gold armored boots. Her white hair fluttered about behind her and magic surged into her bow. Sora to...
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