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...out. "That's possible. However, it's an incomplete heart, we don't know what will happen if we try." Mickey said, "However, it can't be done by just one Keyblade." "Let's do it." Riku shrugged. The three of them held up their Keyblades and three individual beams of light shot from them and connected with the broken Kingdom Hearts. Almost immediately a bright light began to emanate from Kingdom Hearts. It grew outward and began to engulf the entirety of Kingdom Hearts. Bands of light broke from it and shot into the distance. There was a great rumbling and suddenly a loud booming sound. Each of them lowered their Keyblades as Kingdom Hearts began to disappear from view. "See...not that bad." Riku said with a smile. The ground began to rumble. "Wait...somethings wrong." King Mickey said as the entire castle shook underneath them. "What?" Sora asked, looking around. "I think...Kingdom Hearts...was holding this world...together." King Mickey called, "We have to get out of here!" The rumbling increased. The Castle around them started to break apart. The top of the tower they were standing on cracked loudly and began to lean. Before any of them could get off it, the tower crashed over sideways and the three of them were dumped into the endless pit of darkness below. "Fuck~!" Riku cried as they fell through the darkness. ******* Suddenly a bright light surged around them and th...
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