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...unter attacking. Master Yi moved into a skilled chain of attacks, striking back and forth with Akali. Riku lunged upward at the black shadow monster, meeting the shadow monster's two blades agaisnt his Keyblade. The shadow monster had two blades attached on the outsides of both his arms and he floated a few feet of the ground. He started out from under an armored silver helmet, behind bright blue eyes. Nocturne's blades twisted around and threw Riku's Keyblade away from him. However, before he could get a hit in, Riku summoned his Keyblade back and blocked. "You are mine!" Sora called, dashing forward at Ashe. He swung at her and she blocked with the side of her bow. Ashe struck back at him, striking him in the side with her bow. Sora grunted and jerked back at the blow. He spun his Keyblade in a backhanded attack and locked weapons with Ashe. Riku gave a blood curdling scream as Nocturne's blade punctured his chest and slashed his vital organs. He cried in anger and held an arm across his chest. There was a moment of stillness and Sora watched him disappear in a flash of purple and black light. "RIKU!" Sora cried out, "Power of Light!" Power surged through Sora and his clothing flashed bright silver. A second Keyblade appeared, this one was blue, yellow and silver and covered in beautiful filigree. A gold crown topped the blade and it glowed with power. Sora let go of his Kingdom Key and it floated way from his hand. Both Keyblade floated nea...
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