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A Sample part of Lilo And Nani Futa Story: the chamber beyond, which seemed to be a treasure room. It held gold and jewels of all sorts, but most importantly, it held Minerva's objective; the lamp.The problem was that the lamp, like everything else in that room, was tarnished and in need of a good polishing, so Minerva decided to give it a good cleaning before she took it out to Gia.Pulling out her robe, Minerva Mink rubbed the lamp back and forth with the cloth, feeling it start to twitch uncomfortably under her robe before she was even halfway done. Then, in an explosion of smoke and light, Minerva found a man standing in the air above her, dressed in a large turban with a precious gemstone in it and a pair of baggy pants with curled shoes. On his wrists were golden bracers encrusted with jewels, and his voice shook the entire room they were in."I am the genie of the lamp, and I have come forth to grant you whatever wish you may desire.""Yeah." Minerva replied quickly, "Yeah, that's nice. Give me a moment, would you? I'm trying to clean this thing.""Perhaps you do not understand." the genie replied in a voice that continued to echo through the cavern, "I can give you anything in the world; anything that you want. You may make three wishes.""Wow. No wonder this thing sells for so much." Minerva said with a smile as she finished polishing it, "I'll bet that'd be a big deal t...
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