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...he phone. Hello?Hey, Jazz. Its me, Tucker. Something weird just happened. We arent sure yet on whether or not to keep it a secret, so can you think of an excuse to come over to Sams house for a meeting? Tucker asked over the phone.Dannys actually letting them invite me to one of their ghost hunting meetings? I must really be making a breakthrough with him! Thank you, The Teenagers Guide To Understanding Your Thick-Headed Ghost of a Brother! I have got to make this a positive experience to him so that he will invite me more often, and I can get an excuse to keep a closer eye on him!Sure Tucker, Ill come right over. Bye! Jazz answered calmly as she silently did a victory dance.Hey, Mom, Dad! I am going over to Sams, Dannys, and Tuckers sleepover! They want me to help them on a project about ghosts that they all have! Jazz yelled as she tore around the room, getting ready.Wonderful Honey! I am that both of you are finally showing interest in the family job! Hurry up and go!!!!!!!!! Maddie danced happily. Bye!o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o(Far away, in a magically hidden society...)Whaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its that darn alarm again! How many times a day does that thing have to ring? They should get it fixed. Over nine-tenths of the time, it isnt even one of the cocooning. Not to mention the gradual increase in its volume! But no-ooooo, they think that this ...

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