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...!) BARBY: SHIT! (thudded) Damn it. (thudded) (Swatbots approaching and arming with their laser arms) SWATBOT 2314: Surrender all hope or be roboticized in the name of Robotnik. Looks like all hope is lost for Barby until Tails came. TAILS: HEY, ASSBOTS! STOP HURTING ONE OF THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS OR SUFFER MY WRATH! SWATBOT 3421: BLAST HIM! (lasers blasts rapidly) TAILS: TIME FOR MY TORNADO TWIST DASH! (spinning like a tornado and blew the 10 Swatbots away) (explosions) TAILS: Boy, that fatass bastard thinks he can underestimating the Freedom Fighters, he think wrong. Poor Barby. She got hurt. I better take her to my hut before it's too late. Tails pick up Barby and flying back to Knothole for medical treatment. Later in Knothole, Babry is waking up and saw everything in straws and wooden furniture. Tails came back to bring soup for Barby. TAILS: Hey. BARBY: Where the hell am I? TAILS: In my hut in Knothole. You were unconscious for awhile and I carry you home. BARBY: That's right. I was being ambushed by those kniving Swatbots trying to stop me. I was patrifyed. At least, you rescue me. Thank you. TAILS: You're quite welcome. In the meantime, here's your soup. BARBY: Thanks, mate. After drinking all the soup in her bowl she realizes when she was in troubl...
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