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...ou seen him?" "Yes..." Patrick said butthen went silent. "Patrick..." Squidward said. "What?" "Where is Spongebob?" the octopus asked. "I don't know?" the slow starfish replied. "But you said you sawhim!" "Well duh I've seen him." Pat said. "He's my best friend...I see him about everyday..." "I meant TODAY YOU BARNICLE-HEAD!!" Squidward shouted which causedeveryone else to become silent. "Nope not today..." Patrick said. "Why?" "Because he is MISSING!!" Squidward shouted. Everybody heard this (who couldn't? XD)"Ummm..." Squidward said laughing nervously because everyone's attention was on him. "Wait a sec..." said a random fish in the crowd. "Spongebob Squarepants ismissing? As in disappeared...vanished...basically gone?" "Uh...yeah..." Squidward said with his arms crossed. "Then apparently we got packed up for nothing..." said afemale fish. "At least we don't have to deal with Squarepants in our hometown." said Squidward. Soon he looked up. "He's not here to bug us..." Squidward began tolaugh almost maniacally. "He's gone!! YES!!WHOO-HOO!!" Squidward was running off into the hills by now. Then everyone looked at each other and smiled. Soon, theywere cheering because Spongebob was not there to bother them any more. When the crowd was act...

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