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...much as I hate to...admit it...your the one who knows...about the birds" Oswald finaly choaked out."You could of been killed!" she responded quietly. Not in a "id-be-tramuatized-if-that-happened" tone more of an "I-cant-belive-you-did-that-but-thank-heavens-you-did" one.For a moment he hadent a clue what she was talking about until he looked over to the hole in the floor that had opened up even further then he thought. Thats how he triped...where he was standing colapsed.His attention turned back to getting out of the current problem. Sure he would of just stood up and walked off to take a VERY cold shower but his body didnt want to listen to his brain.Finaly somehow he got his one arm out from under her but brilliantly put it down on a loose nail.Oswald yelped jumping up grabing his hand. At least it was the hand that was already wounded. Well thats one way to get up he supposed. Thats when he remembered why he ran down here in the first place. His head darted up and he let out an audible gasp.He ran to the room. His forbiden room. The door was hanging on by one hinge. The 12 locks from the inside destroyed. This couldent of been happening. THis had to be a nightmear."I swear to you i didnt see anything in there" Puffin said scincerly and hesitantly as if she knew how much this ment to him and didnt want to in anyway distress him as she walked up to him."Why dont i belive that?" Oswald had nothing more the a cold anger in his voice and eyes. Not mad at h...

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