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... my dear, we'll have you off those poor feet in no time." Before he grasped her hand and lead her into the nearest compartment. Opening the door for her he stepped back as she walked in. Her amused look showed Harry he was at least doing something right. As soon as he passed the threshold of the doorway she shoved him into the bench rather roughly and straddled his lap, her large arse covering a good portion of his thighs. "The spells, Harry? I haven't decided which option I'll take, but you can never be too safe." Before she was even finished speaking his wand was in his hands, dancing as he murmured under his breath. The door glowed all colours of the rainbow before he tossed a small Rune stone (a one inch by one inch paper this black stone with a single white Rune glowing on it.) at it, making the door seemingly disappear. Seeing her curious look he explained simply, "Muggle-repelling ward, only keyed towards Magicals. No one will even know the door exists for the next ten hours." "Oh the Slytherins are going to love you Mr. Potter." She said huskily. She was no Slytherin, but power was always a turn on for witches. She was no exception. Explanations over with, Lavender roughly took his lips with her own and was surprised when his tongue swept straight into her mouth, exploring it thoroughly before wrapping around her own tongue trailing up and down it's sides, this was the first time she'd ev...

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