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...r lip. Was it wrong for her to want to know about Scam? He was a villain, an evil mastermind planning to murder billions, just in order to rule the world. But he had a story, just as she did. Clover's words echoed in her mind.But, he is still a human being..."So, um, would it pass any boundary if I asked how you got into WOOHP?" Sam asked softly. "I just can't believe a person like you was part of WOOHP...""A person like me..." he smirked. You mean a dastardly villain who only thinks about destruction? Well I guess everyone has their back stories, but I don't think you deserve my story just yet, Samantha." He laughed evilly.Her puzzlement was growing and growing. Was he angry that I stereotyped him as an evil villain with no heart? He never seemed upset about it before... And what did that comment mean? "I don't deserve your story yet?" Sam asked sarcastically. "What's your point behind that remark?"He just kept laughing evilly. His whole body seemed to be trembling. It wasn't just a normal evil chuckle; this laugh was a deep, evil, belly laugh. Sam could feel herself catching the contagious fever of laughter, but she controlled it."Come on!" Sam scoffed. "This isn't funny!!""Oh, but it is," he snickered. "But, I'll tell you. Like you pointed out, I am a villain; you are a spy worki...
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