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...d. There were just too many little noises to distract him. Ching was in her tent doing who-knows-what, and Pahlin had been making those huffing, snorting horse sounds ever since hed made Cri Kee XXIV get off of his back. He apparently had not appreciated Mushu hopping on his head earlier in the day.Are you still on that? he asked the horse bewilderedly. He had already remembered that horses didnt like him, and now he was beginning to recall why he didnt much care for them. For one thing, they tend to hold a grudge for the most odd of things. Maybe it wasnt all horses, just the ones hed known.And it was the other horse Mushu had known that Pahlin brought up next. It seemed that Pahlin had been purchased very near the end of Kahns life, and Kahn had told the young colt stories all about the brave things Mulan had done, and the part he had played in her adventures. In telling these stories, he did indeed mention Mushu, and the things hed said were not all that flattering.Pahlin said that he knew all about Mushu. Whether or not the word nuisance was one that he or Kahn had used, it didnt really matter. He was affronted all the same.Hey, youve only got one side of the story. I was just trying to help Mulan; Kahn was the one who stomped me flat every chance he got.The horse rolled his eyes and huffed again.What do you mean, I say? You think I was just imag...

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