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...Know Your Stars: Family GuyDisclaimer: I own nothing so get off my back!Mayor West walked in and sat down. Know Your Stars...Know Your Stars...Know Your Stars...Know Your Stars... The voice said,Mayor Adam West...His acting skills suck!No they dont! I have killer skills!No, they suck alright(Groans)Mayor Adam West...was dating MegI know I did and I dont care!Damn...Mayor Adam a sumo wrestler!Im not even fat! How the hell am I supposed to sumo wrestle!(Winry Rockbell comes in all sugar high)Asumowrestler!Cool!Givemeyourautograph!ILOVEsumowrestling! (Chases Mayor West for three hours on end)Oookay, Mayor Adam West...loves baby pictures, Oh Maes?(Maes Hughes comes in with pictures of Elicia)YOUWANNALOOKATTHESE?LOOK!LOOK!JUSTONEGLANCEANDALLTHESTRESSJUSFLIESAWAYSHESTHREENOWCANYOUBELIVEIT!HM?HM?AAAH! (Mayor Westruns away as Maes chases him with pictures for hours on end)Oh well, Mayor Adam West...went out with Dee Reynolds from Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaNo I didnt! Dees too ugly!(Dee comes in and kicks Mayor Wests ass) Im too good for you anyway!Mayor Adam West...raped Edward Elric!You have no proof!Yes I do! Oh Ed?(Ed walks in, sobbing) Now it hurts when I pee! (Kicks Mayor Wests ass)Now you know Mayor Adam West....
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