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...y with their feelings and their hearts! What do you do after that! You just throw those poor, broken hearts away as if it was some kind of broken, wound up toy!" She lost it, alright. Yep, she lost her sanity. "Because... you're the only person I actually said I love you to." Sasuke aforementioned, as he walked towards Sakura. He stroked her cheeks with his both his thumbs as he looked through her now confused orbs. Her eyes immediately softened. "Then... I dare you to prove it." She whispered gently. "I will... even if I have to say I love you in twenty-six languages." She smiled warmly. "I dare you." Sakura challenged as she withdrew from his grasp. She walked away. "I will," Sasuke murmured reassuringly, even though it was out of earshot, "I will." After she was out of earshot from Sasuke, she grabbed her cellphone, posthaste. Ino, Ino, Ino, c'mon! Answer the god-forsaken phone! Sakura thought impatiently— Hi, you've reached Yamanaka Ino's number and I'm sorry to tell you but I am not available at the moment. Please leave your na- —only to be thwarted with disappointment. "Damn it!" Sakura cursed as she ran towards her car that was presented to her by her mother and best friends. Turning on the ignition, Sakura drove to Ino's house. — Upon arrival, Sakura did not hesitate to knock on the door loudly and crash into the house when it was s...
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