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A Sample part of Naruto Girls Sex Story: did you make anyway? He asked. Noticing his chopsticks struck empty bowl, he picked up the bowl and drank the broth. Her eyes widened in shock, she knew he could eat a lot but,"N-Naruto-kun... that was a two gallon bowl! I'm afraid that's all I made, I could make more if you like?" She asked, grabbing the tray she walked toward the dresser. "Well yeah! I'd love that, it was the greatest Ramen i've ever tasted!" He declared, slightly confused by her shock. She acted like two gallons of Ramen was a small amount or something! Blasphemy! She would have to be punished... Putting a little more sway in her step, now practically strutting to her dresser she put the trey on the top of it. Naruto eyes were glued to her shapely ass as she walked. Watching is bounce back and forth. Noticing that she was wearing a pair of silk pajamas and an apron he asked,"Hey Hinata-chan? How come your wearing pajamas? Why not just go naked and wear the apron. It would look very sexy." "I thought my family was home, and they probably wouldn't have liked it if they saw me wearing only an apron so I put these on when I went downstairs. I saw a note that said that my family will be gone for a week or longer and that the guard's are gone too. A clan conference. How did you know about that anyway?" Hinat...

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