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...d scary and Naruto…enough said…and you had Rokari Namikaze who was quite the handful for anyone who wasn’t interactive all the time. The two strode out of the bar after another night worth of fun. They weren’t a conventional couple at all but most weren’t in Neo Konohagakure no Sato. --- Flash Back --- Naruto had been brought back the year he graduated as a Genin by Kuiinshi’s request. Kuiinshi an old friend of Kushina’s, an older brother figure to be exact. He had trained hard and protected his world and improved the quality of others. But the one thing he was missing was companionship. Seeing all his friends in other worlds pair up made him thought about how he was alone. Try as he might he couldn’t find a way to numb the pain so he was on a mission. To put it simply he wanted to find a mate. He couldn’t find one that was quite suitable in every way to him. Hinata had great cleavage and was kind and loved him but he just didn’t feel that way about her. Anko was a better choice but the feeling was more like that of a big sister little brother relationship. Their didn’t seem to be a single girl/woman in the village that interested him in every way but then he saw her. Dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Nice Tig-ol’-biddies and a great figure only a Kunoichi could have. An animal like aura that attracted him to her and one thing that set her apart fr...
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