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A Sample part of Ned S Declassified Story: somewhere near by~*~A month later, Beast Boy had still not returned. Everyone had expected him to be back within a week, but there was still no sign of Beast Boy. The team still managed to keep crime out of Jump City, but they had a weak spot without they're last member. Out of all of them, Raven was the most broken down.One day Raven lay on her bed, surrounded by broken objects. She hadn't been meditating in while, for she wasn't able to concentrate, and her emotions had gone haywire. She sat up, and held her head in her hands."Beast Boy isn't returning," she said to herself. She got up from her bed and walked to a drawer in her dresser. In it was a knife. She picked up the knife, and examined its fine blade. She stroked he finger over the blade, and looked at it. There was a small cut on her finger. "Perfect." She held the knife near her chest, "There is no reason for me to live if I can't be with him."~*~I'll be only a memory awayIf you need meYou can call me any time of dayAnd I'll be there, it's OKOnly a memory away~*~Starfire and Robin sat on the couch, side by side, watching TV (A/N: K9: More like Robin was flipping through the channels again). All of a sudden, the green vortex appeared again. Starfire screamed, and Robin bolted upright in surprise. Out of the vortex fell Beast Boy."That was one sick ride, and I'm meant that literally." Beast Boy's swirly eyes finally returned too normal...

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