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... for the first time since he took Danny. Do not worry, Daniel. Your friends will know where you are. I left a little present to tell them what happened. Clockwork could only chuckle a bit to himself.Danny couldnt help but wonder what he meant by that, but didnt risk asking what he did. There are some things that you just dont need to know when it comes to the time ghost. His plans tended to be full of things that werent meant to be known by most people. Guess thats what happens when you know what happens through all of time.Who did you get to guide me around the ghost zone? Frostbite? Wulf? The Wisconsin cheese king?Sadly no. Frostbite has his duty of watching over the infi-map, Wulf is still running from Walker, and the cheese kings ghost is stuck in Wisconsin. No, I asked an old friend of yours to help protect you in the ghost zone. I had to ask another to help in clearing things up though.Who did you ask? Danny was starting to get a bit impatient with Clockwork.Settle down, Daniel. You shall be meeting them just about now.As Clockwork finished his sentence, a high pitched bark rang through the ghosts castle. Before Danny could turn around, he was pounced on from behind. He rolled around and came face to face with a ghost he was familiar with. It was hard not to remember with all the licking the small ghost dog was doing.Cujo, down boy. Stop. The ghost boy trie...

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