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...picture is crucial to our history together. He should have just kept his big mouth shut.And your scarred face will also be crucial if you dont tell me where it is. I cant believe youd keep something like that!Well its mine now, and you cant have it.After some more arguing and annoyingly pushing Shegos feet off his desk Drakken finally sent for the first interviewee.After what seemed like forever, Drakken and Shego finally got through all 8 interviews. And not one of them was fit for the job in a way that would make them both happy.Shego had thought shed seen every type of person. But after today, she realized that there were more weirdos under the sun then shed originally thought. Drakken was frustrated, she was frustrated, and this whole day seemed wasted. Not only would they have to put out a whole new add looking for all new people, but it would take even longer than Drakken had wanted to go back to the archives to get what he wanted. And there was nothing he hated more than being behind schedule, especially when it concerned a scheme as great as this even though said scheme wasnt completely 100 percent finished.I need Advil, she groaned as she rubbed her temples. Why is this so hard? Youd think at least one would have showed some potential.There are ...

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