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A Sample part of Peppa Pig Sex Story: happened that caused Shego to take on not one young hero, but two.After the alien invasion, Shego told him all about the buffoons rise to power. How, in the midst of trying to protect his love, hed stepped up drastically, and finally took charge, saving Kim Possible without it being the other way around. Drakken had a hard time believing her at first, but future events would prove him wrong.After hed been given his medal and finally gaining the recognition he craved for, Drakken and Shego were lost among the world. They decided to take a few months off to think about what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives. And no matter what others thought, they were most definitely not having a romantic getaway. Their flower hug at the ceremony was simply that. A hug between friends and partners.Before theyd taken the time they wanted off, Drakken and Shego were presented with many perks. Their records would be wiped squeaky clean in every country, theyd get to have dinner with the president, and each was given career opportunities they never wouldve been able to have.Drakken could work basically wherever he wanted. Hed receive millions in grants for his research, and could teach in any university, talking about whatever he wanted. He could also have his name legally changed to Dr. Drakken, since it wouldnt be associated with villainy any longer. He was also to receive the laboratory, and house of his dreams. Shego wa...

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