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...k, not only was it peaceful, but it had an air that let him relinquish all worries into the air, reminding him of only a few days ago, when he didn't need to have a care in the world apart from his Summer job, now though, he was looking around, looking at the given perspective of different stages of life, he saw them completely differently, two parents pushing a stroller, smiling at the little bundle of joy, but he didn't think of that face, smiling down at him, now he thought of, but that could never happen, he still thought of that being him, him smiling down, not looking up, it was so strange.There was those same two teenagers, hand in hand, barely able to take their eyes off of each other, he was already out of the way this time, Ferb did his best not to stare, that image, the days ago that he barely thought of that image seemed like an eternity now, it was now a taunting picture, both what he wanted, but what he knew was so far out of reach, he did his best not to dwell on it as he moved on, enjoying the rest of the park, he never noticed before how beautiful it was, it was incredible, he barely ever really looked around at all of the life this place had, he sat down and took a breath, remembering what had happened the last time he sat down on this bench, how he felt, how different things had become in the time space of under a week, it was enough to make his head spin, wait, that was him, feeling slightly light hea...

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