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...e continues to eat Blossom’s cunny out. His right hand is busy rubbing up and down on his shaft.]Ms. Keane: Harry? Blossom? If I could stop you for a second.[The two slow down and stop and they both take a breath.]Ms. Keane: Class, see what Harry was doing with his penis? That’s called “Masturbation”. Common terms are “Jerk or jacking off”, ‘Wanking”, or some silly ones are “jerk you gerkins” and “Spank the monkey”. You pleasure yourself to achieve orgasm. Blossom and Harry, you two can continue in a second. I need to get the other couples ready.Mike, please lie on you back like Harry is. Bubbles, go in between his legs and grasp his penis in your hand..like that.[Bubbles squirms a little while staring at it.]Buttercup: Come ON Bubbles! You didn’t have a problem jerkin’ him!Bubbles: I know…but he…pees from there…Ms. Keane: it’s ok Bubbles, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.[Bubbles looks up at Mike. He gives her a nervous but reassuring smile; she likewise smiles back at him.]Bubbles: I’ll do it for Mike!Blossom: THAT’S the spirit Bubbles! Do it!![Everyone looks at Blossom perplexed]Blossom: What? If I’m having a good time with Harry, you’ll have a good time with Mike![Blossom rubs her pussy in anticipation]Bubbles: um…is she ok Ms. Keane?Ms. Keane: She a little hor...
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