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...een panting breaths. "No. But I found this note. It's from Ash." "Read it!" Dawn pushed the note towards him. "...back in nine days? Why nine days?" Brock asked Dawn. But Dawn didn't have an answer.� *** 2 Days Later *** May stepped off the boat into with Valor Lakefront with excitement in her eyes! She was finally going to able to see Ash! "...BOO!!" May jumped about two feet into the air! "Haha that was a pretty good jump huh May?" Someone asked. 'Wait I�recognize�that voice it's...' "ASH!!" Ash and May hugged and exchanged�kisses. "Ash I missed you so much!" May exclaimed! She had tears of happiness in her eyes! "Aww May don't cry.. even though your really cute when you cry I still don't like to see it!" Said Ash in a caring voice.� *** "Prepare for Trouble� And Make it Double" Duh Duh Whatever.. Everyone knows it by now! "And Meowth that's right!" "Hey Girl Twerp the one who's crying where's that Pikachu?" Asked Team Rocket. "Oh you mean Ash and his Pikachu? Their gone they won't be back for nine days�apparently. So you can just scram okay?" *Gasp!* "I wonder if he went on vacation to Fiore I hear it's really sunny and�beautiful�there! Lots of beaches and lots of girls!" Suggested James *Drool..*. "Girls....". *SMACK!!* Jessie smacked James out of anger and jealously. He was thinking and drooling about other girls and not her! *** Later that Night *** "Are you sure that you're ready for this May?" Ash asked. "Yes I'm sure please pul...

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