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...ment established itself as the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a body formally opposed to the Galactic Republic. Although the Republic recognized that many of its member worlds were in rebellion, it refused to formally acknowledge the existence of the CIS as their common government, deeming that doing so would legitimize it. Padmé Amidala, queen of Naboo during the Naboo Crisis, became one of the leaders of a faction opposed to the establishment of an army to quell the growing Separatist movement. She believed that signaling violence only invited violence in return. Padmé Amidala was also appointed by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to the Loyalist Committee, an exclusive group of Senators who would act as advisers to the Chancellor during the Separatist Crisis. She also served on a team of Republic diplomats that attempted to negotiate a peace with the Separatists, but unfortunately a number of terrorist attacks thwarted the negotiations. In 22 BBY, Amidala was targeted for assassination by an unknown enemy, which she firmly believed to be Count Dooku. An attempt on her life was made by the bounty hunter Zam Wessel, resulting in the deaths of Amidala's decoy, handmaiden, and numerous other security guards on a Coruscant landing platform. Hours later, Amidala appeared in the Senate both to thwart report...
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