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...         Ahsoka p.o.v      Ahsoka sighed and clenched her fits in annoyance. She was sitting at a table in the corner of a club called the Devine Darkness in the lower parts of Corasuant. As she starred down at clenched hand, she tried to calm her racing heart. For the last couple of weeks, she had felt strange. Her body had been behaving strangly. She always felt restless and couldn't meditate at all. Hell, she could hradly stand still and she could barely sleep. She also couldn't stand bright light and any palce that was quite seemed to unerve her. Worst of all, she couldn't stop herself from noticing how atractive certain people were. When ever she was near one of these people her body would heat and and her heart would race. But these thoughts and feelings were forbidden, so tried to controle them and told no one about these things and tried to find ways to cope with them.     So finally she had started sneeking out of the temple when ever she could and coming to this club which one of her friends at the temple had told her about. The club was loud and dimly lit, and serve every kind of food or drink anyone could want. The strong drinks helped to calm her heart and the loud music, dim lights and dark corners seemed to help her feel at ease. At least, thats what she thought. If she had talked to one of the older Jedi, she would have learned that when Togruta reach a certain age, they would seek out a male to mate with. But that male would have to prove ...
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