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...iver and let it carry him a short distance until he found a small pool out of the river's current. It had a sandy bottom and when he sat down, the water came up to his chest. He leaned against the soft, river bank and closed his eyes with a sigh of contentment. The first thought to enter his head was, I wonder if Rukia's home yet? He then immediately wondered why he would have such a stupid thought. He opened his eyes but saw nothing as he delved into his mind. Might as well get this sorted out since I'm just gonna be thinking about her anyway... Ichigo wanted so badly to say that what he was feeling was not real, but he'd never been one to lie to himself. He'd never felt this way before and it was downright frightening. So, what did he feel? Is this love...obsession...both? Ichigo didn't know the answer, he only knew that when he was without her, a part of him was missing-a big part. He wanted to spend every waking moment with her but forced himself to stay away. He wanted so much more from her than to be her whore...he wanted to be her man. He wanted to stand proudly beside her and let every other man within shouting distance know that she was his. But what kind of man would he be if he didn't even have the guts to tell her about his feelings? A fucking pussy, that's what kind, the snickering voice in his head supplied. I should just do it, he thought, I need to quit acting lik...

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