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...minute- her scream? She didnt do screaming! It was her scream?!? Scary.Oh, BFF! Raven, Are you Okay? Here, Ill help you... black Bloods fang appeared, with a deadly shade of green. It was Soul Acid! Black Blood was a Soul Vampire! thats what Phoenix was trying to tell her! Ill help you put you out of your misery, I mean!Phoenix! stab her with your zanbatoh! Hanukkah screamed to Phoenix.Phoenix touched her necklace and said, I have somethin better! Flame Zanbatoh of Azarath! A larger version of the zanbatoh, blazing with fire, materialized in Phoenixs hands.She ran in front of the bed, go through me, first!Phoenix, You must stab her in her right side of her chest! Take this vile and fill it halfway with her blood! Hanukkah threw a bottle to Phoenix.Koya! Phoenix quickly followed directions and threw Black Bloods blood to Raven. Raven got up weakly, but fell(but she caught it). Phoenix saw where she got her name: her blood was black.Black Blood Shrunk into a harmless witch.Phoenix! You did it! See, the reason why I chose here to be a heroine at because of Raven. I knew Raven would make my cousin pissed. And I knew you were skilled and powerful enough to break Black bloods spell. She was a witch, but my boyfriend, Sorrow, tricked me into turning Black Blood into a Soul Vampress. You broke the spell and Im taking her back to 1862. She knew what I intended to do, but she hated Rave...
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