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... Alex!, say Sam.I think I found a lead to Dr. Gelee! Its just over that snowdrift! Come on! I used our heat sensitive sunglasses!!, says Alex.Clover and Sam eagerly follow Alex, and forget to tell her about Britney. Soon, the gals are standing on a cliff, overlooking an icy lake about 2000 feet below.Thats a long way down! And we dont have our jet pack backpacks!, exclaims Sam.How do we get down?, asks Clover.But before Sam can answer, Clover and Sam start to slip on the lip of the cliff. Soon they are falling headlong toward the lake! They hear Alex Clover! Sammy!, and she runs off.Luckily, Britney was on her way from her latest GPS check and has been recording the girls. Shes wondering why Alex is acting so strangely! She then witnesses Alex use her laser lipstick to melt the snow Sam and Clover are standing on! When it quickly refreezes, it turns to ice! Britney quickly fires up her jet pack backpack, as Clover and Sam go over the edge!At approximately 1,000 feet Britney grabs hold of Sams left arm and Clovers right, and flies them back to the top!Thanks, Britney! We owe you another!, says Sam.Totally! says Clover. But where is Alex?Before Britney can answer, her compowder pings again. She again leaves to search out a high spot so her GPS coordinates can be checked.Alex has returned to the cliff edge.Gals! Youre all right! I ran for help! I didnt know what to d...
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