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... the camera down and disconnecting it. Fred put his hands up in his own defense and laughed. Well, she wasnt here, and we found a clue. Daphne moved to him and gave him a light punch on the shoulder. He laughed. Hey Its not my fault its a fun word to say! Jinkies.Jinkies?Melvin muttered, confused at the word. Sure, he had heard but before from Scrappy, but it was an odd word to hear out of Fred. Though Fred moved over and gave Melvin a hair tussle. Yep. Jinkies. Fred nodded to Melvin, though the boy was still confused. Daphne watched them and sighed. She moved to the door and made motion for them to leave.Oh come on you two. Lets get back to Velma. Maybe she found something else out. Really, stealing Velmas Jinkies. Daphne couldnt help but grin as Fred placed an arm around Melvins shoulder and lead the boy out, who still was confused at the whole incident.Jinkies?While the rest of the gang were off finding clues; Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy had taken up their duty to watch the door with gusto. With Scrappy and Scooby on either sides of the door in salute, Shaggy had taken up the British march back and forth. Though it took no time before the growls of several unhappy stomachs made Shaggy pause in place.Man oh Man Scoob. Like my tummy is a rumbling and I think its time for a lunch break!Suggested Shaggy in a very bear like manner, and Scooby was not far behind breaking rank to pad up to his hungry counterpart. B...
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