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... back over. She looked around and spotted him on what would be the second story of the tower, and she called up to him.HEY PHINEAS!This sudden shout startled him, almost making him drop his hammer.Huh? Oh, hey, Isabella! he yelled back down.She immediately began on what she came over for. So, Phineas umm would youuh, be my- but she was cut off when Ferb carried a box of tower parts into the yard.Hold that thought, Isabella! Phineas said as he went down to help his green-haired step-brother with the parts.Isabella sighed in defeat. It was the rocket ordeal all over again. She trudged into the house and flopped onto the couch. Candace then walked in on her phone.Yeah! And then she snaps her fingers right in my face! Uh, huh! And then- she then noticed Isabella lying on the couch. Hang on, Jenny. Ill call you back later. She then hang up. Hey girl. Whats wrong?Oh, its just that whenever I try to ask Phineas anything love-related, I become ignored, Isabella said glumly.Candace thought for a moment, then spoke again. Well, what you need to do is to get him something. And I know this will be strange coming from me, but you need to get him something big! Ill even help out. Maybe Stacy can help too.R-Really? Isabella said with hopeful eyes.Mm-hmm! Candace said as she dialed her best friends phone number.Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!Well ,Perry the Platypus, I suppose youre wonder...

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