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... Springfield.Marilyn and Lou are on duty.Marilyn: what a calm day. It's unusual no crime happens.Lou: Hm, you're right.Marilyn: Oh, but who cares. So we have more time to chatter.Lou: Yeah, yeah.Marilyn: What?Lou: sorry. What do you want to talk about?Marilyn: Well, about you and . . .Wireless message: Attention! A 231404 at Lardlad Donuts!Lou: Let's roll!Marilyn: Oh, gee!At Lardlad Donuts.Lou gets out of the car.Lou: O.k., cutie - you'll stay in the car till I'll call you!Marilyn: (murmur) Yes, sir . . .Lou (to Eddie): You know what to do?Eddie: Yes, let's get in there!After 10 minutes.Marilyn: I wonder what's going on . . .Wireless message: Marilyn? Marilyn?Marilyn: Yes?Lou: We need you.Marilyn: O.k., I'm coming in!Enters Lardlad Donuts. Draws her weapon."Marilyn: O.k., everybody - freeze!Lou: Hey, put your gun away!Marilyn: But . . .why . . what's going on here? Where's the criminal?Eddie: What criminal?Marilyn: They called me and Lou to . . .hey . . .I can't understand what's happening!Eddie : *giggles*Lou: Wiggum is out of Donuts! A "231404" means "Wiggum needs Donuts" - WND.Marilyn: Hmpf. You make me angry, boys.Lou: I love to.Marilyn: Oh yeah? Why?Lou: Because, you're as sweet as a sugar-coated Donut when you're angry.By the way - you wanted to tell me something in the car?Marilyn: Yes.Lou:And what?Marilyn: You, too.Lou: What do you mean?Marilyn: *blushes* I mean . . .you're as sweet as a Donut, too.Everybody laughs.E...
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