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... to florida for the rest of my daysNo more whiney brats begging me to say "HEY HEY"Life would be sweet, sweet as sugarNo more entertaining, just layin at home flicking boogers.And I would buy a mansion or two for my crapThen I would bribe the police to clean my rap.KO:If we recieved the millionsKA:We could purchase battilionsKO:To aid us in our questKA:Or merely help us at bestKO:We'd no longer be called an abominationKA: Especially when we master--BOTH: Galactic domination!!D: Disco Stu would buy a roller disco, to bring back funkDisco Stu would dance all day and night, and receive no bunkDisco Stu dreams of this day by dayWishing, hoping, looking for a wayWith the moneyDisco Stu'd be the grooviest dude this side of springfieldWith the money my legacy Disco Stu shall build, OH!N: With the monies I could go back to schoolI could learn and no longer be a foolIn time I could be a great doctor, vigilant and alertMaybe even be better than HibbertI would roam down the street, handing out moneyAnd meeting all the peoples saying "Hi Everybody!"P: We'd spend the money on smokesS: Or maybe on use it on our folksP: Or go around town looking for datesS: With money we could actually find a mate!P: Or maybe buy a house, no more cramped apartmentS: We could flash the money in Homer's face and say:BOTH: Get bent!!W: Willie's got no part in this song, But I'm to drunk to know right from wrongWillie's not in the race at allBut I've got time to stallSo don't mind me as I drive thro...
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