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...n weve lived eight years of a George Bush Presidency, we think back to the good old days of the 1990s, when Bill Clinton was President. What we usually overlook is the scandal and the recession of the early part of the decade. We overlook the fact that a lot of the decisions that led to the problems of today were created in that period, and even before that. And when we leave this present, into the future, well look back on now as the good old days, even if theyre not that great. We do it when we watch television. We complain when the writers change the format when the show goes on for a while by adding new characters or simply changing around some situations in the characters lives. But the truth is, if they didnt, wed call the show boring or tired.Maybe Im being too philosophical.Maybe Im being too pessimistic. After all, mom, dad, Maggie, and Bart are taking it fine. Theyve all changed, and I have too. Ive grown my hair out and changed my clothes. Im not a little girl anymore. Im sixteen years old. Barts eighteen and has done a complete 360 in regards to studies and his behavior. So hes still a bit sassy. But hes grown up a lot. Hes got himself a girlfriend, a car, and plans to become a police officer. Imagine, Bart Simpson, a protecter of law and order. Its a far cry from the anarchistic Bart of the old days. And my dad, Homer, whos got a new job after the death of his old boss, Montgomery Burns, another change. My mom, ...
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