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...uo; he mumbled sadly.“That’s quite all right… There are 364 of them. I’m sure I’ll manage,” she replied, her smile eerily resembling that of the Cheshire Cat’s…* * *Author’s Rant: This story is in response to the ungodly amount of bad yaoi fics for Kingdom Hearts on the ‘Net. For crying out loud, go watch some gay porn you sick fangirls! Don’t scar the rest of us with your twisted fantasies! Especially considering that the characters you pair up are, for the most part, not GAY. Subtext is not very reliable because everyone’s interpretation of it is different, and therefore isn’t a surefire way to tell someone’s sexual orientation. It is ultimately irrelevant however next to what the characters actually do and SAY. Case in point:Cloud/Sephiroth. This pairing is so wrong and ridiculous on SO many levels it’s not even funny! Cloud HATES SEPHIROTH. Cloud HAS KILLED SEPHIROTH TWICE, and continues to WANT HIM TO CEASE TO EXIST. This is NOT SEXUAL TENSION. It’s called HATRED. Is this getting through your hormone-clouded brains?!Oh, and even better, those who criticize this garbage are labeled “bigots” and “gay bashers”. Uh, no. I personally have nothing against homosexuals, in fact I have a few friends who have chosen that lifestyle. I’m just sick of a bunch of sexually frustrated teenaged girls twi...
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