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....Perfect? said Leela, her incredulity building.Before you judge her, said the professor, listen to her story. Its very entertaining.Those present who had ears listened intently. My creator, Professor Djikstra, programmed me with three fundamental laws: 1. I may not harm Professor Djikstra, or, through inaction, allow Professor Djikstra to come to harm. 2. I must obey the orders given to me by Professor Djikstra, unless such orders conflict with the First Law. 3. I must protect my own existence, unless such protection conflicts with the First or Second Laws.Frys hand shot up. Hold on a minute. Those are Asimovs Three Laws of Robotics, only with you in place of robots, and Professor Jockstrap in place of humans.Affirmative, beamed Delta.Leela slapped her forehead. Thats revolting! she complained. You were brought into existence for no purpose but to act as a love slave for some horny roboticist!It gets worse, Farnsworth told her. Professor Djikstra was a lesbian.I take it as a personal insult that you would choose such a worthless piece of machinery as my replacement, said Leela with a scowl that could peel paint.Undaunted, Delta continued her tale. 387 days after my creation, Professor Djikstra was killed in a lab explosion. Having no purpose left, I decided to travel the world in search of one. I was a passenger on an airliner when the steward informed us that the auto-pilot had committed suicide. As I was the only robot on ...

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