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... to see the bluryfigures that surrounded him. "Where am I?" He asked, looking around, seeing a squirrel and a sea sponge. "My work here is done." The sea sponge announced, bowing. He suddenly vanished and the squirrel asked him, "Spongebob, are you okay?" He looked around and said, "Who are you?" "It's me Sandy!" Then, she realized that Spongebob has been asleep so long, so she sang,I know you, I walked with youonce upon a dream.I know you, the gleam in your eyesis so familiar a gleamYet I know it's true that visionsare seldom all they seemBut if I know you, I knowwhat you'll doYou'll love me at oncethe way you did onceUpon a dream"Huh?" The sea sponge asked, not taking it all in. "Oh, just get up." She asked, and he slid off the mattress. She took him outside, where the nurse was so shocked, and into Jellyfish Fields. "Whoa!" He gasped, seeing all the jellyfish, then she held his hands. "Uh, what are you doing? And who are you?" He asked, sweating like crazy, but deep inside, he like this feeling, this funny and warm feeling, like he wanted to spend his entire life with this squirrel. She then started to sing again,La, la, la ...But if I know you I knowwhat you'll do...Suddenly, Spongebob remembered the song, and he remembered the squirrel, and all these memories flowed back to him and he ...

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