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...our going to do something unrelated to Boating!Patrick:Boring!Spongebob:Patrick What are you going here?Patrick:Don't you remember Spongebob?You tore up my Drivers License. I need a new oneSpongebob:OhSquidward:Be Quiet I'm Trying to Listen!Patrick: You to Squidward!Squidward:Patrick Is Here Too! Can I Commit Suicide?: Sorry This is TV Y7Squidward:DarnPuff:Ok Class I'm going to partner you up with another kid and your each gonna have a plant.Puff:You must water it everyday for 1 weekSquidward:Why Would we need to water it? Were Already Underwater!Mrs Puff: IT'S A CARTOON!Squidward:Oh that explains itPuff:Ok Spongebob and Patrick are togetherSpongebob And Patrick:YAY!Puff:Squidward and that hobo who steals our trashHobo:What?One Partnering later.Puff:Ok You're all partner up and have plant! Now go home!6 Day's Later.At Spongebob's houseSpongebob:I can't believe I forgot to water it!Patrick:What else did you forget?We see Gary At his foodbowl holding a sign that reads"I Want Food"Spongebob:What do we do? It's Due tomorrow!Patrick:That's a good question! And for all good questions we turn to Television for the answer!Patrick turn on tvDude On TV:Hello Viewer! Do your plants keep dieing?Spongebob:Yes!Dude:Then bring them to life With"Plant To Life"Patrick:Huh?Dude:It's a bottle with a Special Formula that can bring dead plants to life!Other Dude:Warning Do Not Use On Dead PeoplePatrick:Let's Order itOne Hour LaterDing DongMailman:He's your Plant To LifeSpnoge...
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