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...le breasts. Anakin himself seemed calm and collected, his attention focused on a nearby window through which the morning sun shone brightly. He seemed to Ahsoka to exude an air of power, his sunlit features so dignified and rugged that she couldn't help but stare in awe and be silently grateful for having been granted the honor - nay privilege - of training under such a distinguished Jedi Knight. As she smiled contently to herself, Ahsoka suddenly noticed the numbers on her nearby chronometer blinking rapidly. Upon closer inspection, her eyes widened in a panic. "Oh no!" she cried. "What is it, Snips?" replied Anakin, startled. "Master!" exclaimed Ahsoka. "We were supposed to rendezvous with Master Obi-Wan at Sector Command almost two hours ago!" Her master's expression quickly returned to that of calm and serenity. "Actually, Snips, I told Master Obi-Wan to delay our meeting until later today. I figured after our little communion with the Force last night, we could use a little extra rest." "But Master..." Ahsoka protested. "You're not questioning my judgment again are you, Snips?" Anakin mused nonchalantly, his eyes narrowing. "Of course not, Master Anakin! Forgive me." "You're forgiven, Snips." said Anakin, his face softening. "On the condition that you stay exactly as you are so that I m...
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