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... sanity enough to know what was happening.....but how to get past the paradox......?"     "Dax?"     She looked up at the Commander in irritation, then her face cleared and she smiled,"Sorry Benjamin, I was.......gathering wool I believe the phrase goes."     "Dax, are you all right?"     "Of course Benjamin, why wouldn't I be."     "Maybe you should......." suddenly an alarm rang out, Sisko rushed to the console that O'Brien was tinkering with,"Chief, what is it?"     "Nothing," said O'Brien, turning it off,"The blasted thing went of for no reason."     Sisko turned and looked for Dax, but she was gone.      ---      The Enterprise was moving towards DS9 at Warp 5, they were no longer allowed to break that barrier and the slow pace was almost too much for them to take.     Picard looked to Data, who was going over various calculations, he grinned as Data stifled a yawn - now that he was capable of emotion he was also capable of boredom.     "Does this work not capture your imagination Data?"     "Hmmmm.....sorry Captain, but it's monotonous at best, however the work is nearly complete," he yawned again,"I will enjoy some free time to paint when this is done."     "You shall have it Data, how soon?"     "It's ready now, you were right sir, these energy reading indicate that the entity is capable of destruction on a mass scale should he choose."     "Just how powerful Data?"     "Sir, if he wanted to, he could destroy this ship and all on it with but a thought."      --- ...
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