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..." Sulu asked Tuvok.         "Theoretically, yes," replied The Vulcan,"The only trouble will be getting the virus into The Excelsior's computers.  Spock's piggy-back was obviously discovered by whoever is running The Science Station right now, and they will be prepared for another."         "Janice must have the comm," Sulu said,"But why did she fire on The Enterprise?"         "We have no evidence she did," replied Tuvok,"And remember that we saw you on the viewscreen, so perhaps Trelane has created a duplicate of you somehow?"         "I doubt it," said Sulu,"The way I was acting and reacting, it was just like I would have reacted... and Trelane can't create life, if he could he never would have brought us down to Gothos all those years ago, he just would have made his own playmates."         "He says he's grown up," said Slater,"Maybe he got more powerful?"         "Take everything Trelane says with a grain of salt," said Sulu with a smile,"He's not a pathological liar, but he justifies his falsehoods by his sense of fun and play, he really is like a child."          -          "Excelsior, this is Captain Kirk," said Kirk,"Please respond."         "Still no response," replied Uhura.         "Dammit," muttered Kirk,"If they don't reply, we can't upload the virus...
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