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...s invaded the Station - we were saved by an old crewman of yours - Mr Scott," Spock raised an eyebrow and a flicker of a smile touched his lips,"Kira blasted one with a phaser that burnt his remains into the hologrid."     Spock sat up,"That is bad, with just one cell Tapek could re-create this Cardassian, without a mind he would merely have to bring it to orgasm rather than have sex with it - he could have a male body now."     "Damn," cried Riker,"Can your computer locate him?"     Sisko nodded,"Computer, locate Cardassian's on board."     "Three Cardassians, one is on Promenade......."         Sisko nodded,"Garak, we don't have to worry about him.... at least not in this instance."     "The second is in Security cell 2."     "That's No'Kase," said Sisko.     "The third Cardassian is in sickbay."     Riker's mouth fell open in shock,"Beverly and Deanna!"      ---      Beverly, Deanna, Worf and Julian stared down at Kira.     "I'm getting confusion from her," said Deanna,"She doesn't remember what happened."     Beverly ran a tricorder over her,"Physically she's fine," Julian nodded.     Kira sat up,"I'm absolutely fine, can I get back to Ops now?"     Julian nodded,"But we'll come with you, I want to make sure you're okay."         She got up and placed her comm badge back on her uniform,"All right then, let's go."     The were approaching the door when it suddenly opened, a Cardassian strode in, Kira looked at his face and screamed out in terror,"T'Nark!"     The ...
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