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....  Enivironmental controls.... hull breached, many casualties..... mayday, we're losing our air! Come in"         "It's almost word for word with the training program," said Sulu,"But why? Is it a trap, they must know we'll know there's no such ship as The Kobayashi Maru."         "Sir," said Tuvok, interrupting Sulu's musings,"Sensors indicate three Klingon cruisers, bearing eighty-seven degrees, minus twelve degrees, they are closing with us fast and their weapons systems are powered up."         "No way!" cried Slater,"We're at peace with The Klingons, dammit!"         They were, just last year Excelsior had been at Khitomer, where the historic treaty between The Klingon Empire and The Federation had been signed.         Sulu frowned, then made a decision.         "Okay, forget The Klingons, extend long range sensors, I want to know if there's a damaged ship out there or not."         Tuvok attempted to do so.         "Sir, The Klingons are jamming our systems... they are also now approaching on an attack course, point seven-five c."         "There's no damn ship out there," muttered Sulu,"I don't know what The Klingon's are playing at, but let's get some distance between us, set reverse course, warp seven."         "Registering four additional Klingon Cruisers at zero, zero," said Tuvok,"Sir, the events are proceeding precisely as they do i...
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