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A Sample part of Steve Haylee American Dad Story: all in order to protect my family!HAYLEYBut we ARE your family!STANPrecisely! And that is why I must protect you from these terrorists!STEVEBut We're the terrorists!STANPRECISELY! And now I must kill my family so that my family is safe... from my family... of terrorists! (beat) Yea. Yea, that's it. Right? Yea. Yea!FRANCINEStan, don't you see your terrible logic here?STANAbsolutely not! I've learned to repress logic through years of training. Now prepare to die!Stan's family cringes in fear. Stan looks angrily at them as he points a gun in their direction. Then, he realizes something.STANOh, I'm sorry, did I say die? Heh, how stupid of me. This is the Nerdinator 5000. It just turns you all into huge losers. That way your fellow terrorists won't want to work with you anymore. O right, I also need my energy source for the Nerdinator.Stan opens a door and out come Steve's friends. They are confused and lost.STEVEYou guys?!?!SNOTHow did we get here?STANIllegally, that's how. Now hold still.Stan connects some wires to the kids and hooks up the gun.SNOTHey, we're not nerds anymore!BARRYYea! We're super cool and fly and other random meaningless words now.STANNonsense! Once a nerd, always a nerd. Infact, Steve, I can probably let you go.STEVESweet!Stan unties Steve and lets him go. The family is in chock.FRANCINESteve! Save us!STEVEHuh? Oh, right.Steve go...
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