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... people laid dead on the ground, sliced into tiny pieces. Gore was splattered everywhere; the sidewalks, the street, and buildings. Cars had been overturned and were on fire. Buildings had collapsed. The destruction was immense.DEATH! Kyo bellowed as his right arm turned into a chain gun, and his eyes turned an evil shade of red. Death turned in his direction, covered in blood, and let out a terrible roar, even worse than the ones before. Shut your mouth youpieceofSHIT!!! Kyo shouted as the chain gun began firing. But rather than bullets, his arm was spraying bolts of electricity. Upon seeing this, Death tried to dart away, but the lightning was quicker, and began electrocuting the monster. It screamed in pain, being knocked back with every shot. Kyo let out five more shots aimed at the monsters vital spots that blew it through a building. Kyo slowly walked forward, but Deaths arm stretched out and grabbed Kyo by the ankle. The beast began slamming him against two buildings across the street from each other until they collapsed, and flung Kyo against another building. Kyo quickly brought himself upright and jumped off of the structure, racing toward his enemy. They attacked each other madly, but then finally bounced off of each other. Kyo could feel his power regulator breaking inside of him. His power kept rising past 100 percent until it doubled. Kyo smashed Death downward into the city streets below, making a twelve-foot deep c...

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