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...ed it," Lexi said. "I watched you come." "But my God," Ellen stammered. "That was - that was . . ." She didn't want to put the word to it. She had willingly helped set it all up. She just didn't know everything that was planned. "She wanted to do it. She begged for it. And you let her." It was hard to think. Yes, it happened as Lexi said, but it had been Lexi that Stacy. "I bet I know a way to fix it," said Lexi, as she dangled a crystal in front of Ellen. Oh no! It was the crystal she used to hypnotize Stacy. "No, please Lexi," Ellen pleaded, tears welling in her eyes. "I'll be quiet about it. Honest, I won't tell anyone." "About anything?" Lexi wasn't sure she could hypnotize Ellen anyway. She probably could if Ellen believed it was possible, but if Ellen believed it was possible, it wouldn't be necessary. Not now anyway. Later, who knew, Lexi had lots of ideas. "About anything," Ellen assured her roommate. "Just don't screw with my head, okay?" "Okay," Lexi said. "But if you fuck with me, I can do a lot worse than Supergirl. I can make you think you are a dog. Or a stripper, how bout a hooker?" "Please Lexi," Ellen whined. "I'm begging you. I won't tell anybody about anything. Ever." "Good girl," Lexi said, untying her roommate. "Now help me get Stacy to bed." Ellen helped Lexi put Stacy to bed before leaving the two alone together. Lexi considered making Stacy forget about everything that had happened. It would have been safest. I...

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