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...ecret identity and Lexi was evil. But Lexi was beautiful. She made Supergirl's blood race and her knees weak. "You going to let me die?" Lexi asked. "No," Stacy said meekly. She submissively knelt before her arch enemy and kissed her pussy. It was heavenly. "Wait," Lexi said, capturing Stacy's wrist and buckling a watch to it. "This one works just like the one I have." Stacy struggled to stop her. "No please - no I can't - I can't." She hadn't been able to come. She would surely die. "Trust me," Lexi said. No no, Stacy's common sense screamed. Evil, Black Scorpion was evil. It made Stacy think of the story where the scorpion asks the frog to take it across the river. The frog does and halfway across is stung. "But you'll die too," the frog said. "I know," said the scorpion, "But, it's my nature." Nature. I guess it's my nature too. To trust. To be stung. Stacy let Lexi attach the watch to her wrist. Condemning herself. The bomb would surely go off. No way she could come. She had tried several times that day already. "That's my good girl," Lexi said. She guided Stacy to the floor, then turned around and straddled her head. "Now who's my Superslut?" Stacy blushed. "I am," she whispered. The promise of death had liberated her. "Say it," Lexi said. "I want to hear you say it." Stacy reddened even more, as stared up at Lexi from between her spread thighs. "I'm your - ah - I'm your Superslut," she stammered. "Damn straight you ar...
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