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...She rolled her eyes. It was a wonder how the boy could drink down so many smoothies in one day. When he returned, Julie asked,What flavor did you get this time?Chocolate and cranberry.Julies face blanched at the thought of what that combination would taste like. Most people stuck with the regular flavors on the menu, but Ben seemed to prefer always seeking out new combinations to try. The employees had gotten used to his behavior and were just glad that they had such a steady customer.How is it? Julie asked after the boy took a sip.A lot better than you would expect, but definitely not the best. Ben drank some more of it before holding it out for Julie, Want to give it a shot?Julie eyed the smoothie with light suspicion. Chocolate and cranberry was an interesting combination, but Ben had said that it was okay. Ben was notorious in having odd likings for smoothies, but it surely couldnt be that bad.Reaching over she took the smoothie from him and took a sip. The taste was peculiar. It wasnt necessarily bad, but she couldnt say that it was very good either. It was painfully sweet, but it was definitely better than others Ben had ordered before.Its not as bad as I thought it would be. Julie finally said with a nod.As she drank down the remaining smoo...

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