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...Wow, that was fast. Ino must be really good,? said Naruto. But that can too as no surprise to Sakura because she knew very well from personal experience that was the worst Ino could do. ?Okay, Ino you win congratulations? said Temari. ?Sakura, is all yours.? ?That was a fun quick game? replied all the other girls. ?That?s it?? Naruto yelled in shock this time giving away his and Jiraiya?s position. Therefore, as soon Naruto and Jiraiya looked in the window again they found no one except a naked Sakura. That in a way told them they had been made and were about to make a break for it when the girls chased after them and caught them. As they were caught, Ino said ?girls, looks like its time for more games. Both people shuttered at that thought trying to think of what they had in mind for them. End of chapter 12. *I hope you people all enjoyed that chapter. Stay tuned for the next chapter. And if you want to know in days in advance when my update is feel free to email me and ill tell you. Till then so long....

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