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A Sample part of Temari Tenten Sakura Tsunade Anko Kurenai Story:

..."Get the rest of the members of team 7here! And hurry up!" Tsunade shouted after they finally captured Sasuke Uchiha. Sakura and Sasuke hurried up to get to Tsunade. They entered the room and saw Tsunade naked. She was just riding at the top of sasuke; moaning loudly and being in high exstasis. Sasuke's eyes were red shining; the sharingan was active. "Hey Sakura long time no seen! Sorry I am buisy right now with Tsunade. I can't please you too, so Naruto you dare to take care of her?" Sasuke shouted out Naruto's cock was about to burst. He jumped towards Sakura and cut her clothes with his Kunai off. "No Naruto please don't do it!" Sakura wimmered, but Naruto was out of controle. The blood of the nine-tailed fox was flowing through his dick. He threw her at the ground and started pumping his huge dick in her tight vagina. "No Naruto It's too big!"Sakura wimmered. but Naruto couldnt stop anymore. He wammed his cock in her pussy up to her stomach again and again. "No, Naruto, noooooo....ohhh yeah, deeper" Sakura shouted out "You seem to start liking it" Sasuke said "Thats....ohhh....not...yeah deeper....true" With her last word Naruto rammed his cock one last time in her vagina and let his cum out. "Oh ... my .... god...Narutooooooooooooooo! you have so much cum! It's coming out!"Sakura said while cumming as hard as possible. This was the first but not the last time the 4 of them met to fuck around....
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