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...ough, guttural tones of the Orcish language. He saw the silhouettes of two burly Orcs take position to either side of the tent flap, and in came the same female who had chosen him. In an almost ritual fashion, she hung her sword and lay her shield beside her bed on an oaken stand. She stood over him, running thick, gloved hands over his body, still covered by the fur blanket. A musky scent entered the tent, and Minhane became strangely aroused. She removed her helm and revealed a finely angled face the colour of jade. A pair of half-inch long tusks protruded from full, deep green lips. She reached behind her head and unfastened a clasp, allowing luxurious copper curls to fall around her shoulders. Her face bore a pattern of tattoos: dual red strips over the brows, a red 'v' centered above them. Twin white 'v's beneath her eyes, and a red stripe from bottom lip to base of chin. They gave her face a wicked look. "No what you expected, eh, elf?" She spoke good Elven words, even if the grammar wasn't perfect. Minhane was speechless. She undid four small straps on her sides, and removed the chainmail. The muscles in her shoulders and arms rippled as she moved, and she hung the mail on the headboard. Her thews bore striped tattoos, not unlike the rank chevrons the Empire used...
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