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A Sample part of The Weekenders Story: get going.” She said to Ramona. “That was really nice, I’d love to do that again sometime!” Ramona smiled. “No problem.” She said. Stacey looked out the window. The snow looked calm, but no sooner had she stepped away than a blizzard had come along. She stepped back and looked out into the frozen streets and frowned. “There’s no way I’m getting home in that!” She said, disappointed. Ramona tried her best to act disappointed too. “Damn… Well, you can stay here for the night!” Stacey was very unsure, especially with how Ramona had been acting. “Are you sure that’s okay?” She asked, hoping for a no. “Of course it’s okay!” Ramona insisted. “You can even have my bed, and I’ll sleep on the couch.” Stacey considered. Ramona had been acting strange, but a bed was a bed. And she was starting to feel a little tired…. “Okay.” Stacey yawned. “I’ll stay. I just need to sit down for a moment.” Stacey sat on the couch. She woke up later. She had fallen asleep, and there was no sign of Ramona. She must have gone to her bed. Stacey checked her watch. 11:20 PM. Stacey needed the bathroom, but the bathroom was in Ramona’s room. She decided she would go very quietly. She crept through Ramona’s room, not noticing that Ramona wasn’t in her bed, or that the light in the bathroom was on. She opened the door and went inside, and what she saw shocked her. Ramona...
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