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...ere he was goiWHERE?Well I might know which his first stop is.***The lake was pristine clean.The cabins were brand new.There was even a completely different name on the welcome board.But those things would not fool Ron Stoppable. He knew this place very well. This place had changed his life more than once. He would always call it by its real nameCamp Wannaweep.When he was a kid this accursed placed changed him in ways that he did not even realize until he used that Monkey idol to travel trough time.And that time travel he thought he would improve his life with the knowledge that he had acquiredHow wrong he was.While it was true that he had avoided the dark future and stopped the alien invasion, he felt that the best thing that he could do was to leave.He had affected too many lives. Hopefully, with him gone, they would drift back at how they were supposed to be.But he would miss them. Kim Hanna Monique heck even Shego and Bonnie.And that was the thing; he cared about them, all of them. There was no way that he would make all happy.So the best choice was to go. Roam the Earth like those heroes of the movies. With only his pal Rufus as company.You know buddy Said Ron to Rufus while looking at the camp with his gigantic back pack on his shoulders. I think I finally learned the lesson that his place was trying to teach meUh?Sometimes bad things have to happen, in order for us to learn something even bigger Sometimes you hav...
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