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...d WOOHP stands for Women Out On Holiday, Partying and you just picked up the guy in Ghana, right? LIAR!I am well acquainted with WOOHP! I know it is a United States Spy Agency! I was wondering if they would be called in to investigate my protection offer!Then you must be Dr. Cumulus! said Alex.Dr. Anne Cumulus! Yes!Why are you doing this? asked Sam.Because I wanted to prove that I could! The world thinks there is an inexhaustible supply of oil, especially in the United States. I could become very rich, as would my benefactor..Sheik Rakem I interrupted.Yes! So you know about the Sheik as well! Actually that is too bad!Why? asked Clover.Because now I have to eliminate you, or else you would disrupt the whole operation!Guards! Incapacitate them and bring them to the Demonstration Area! and once again, we were gassed to sleep.This time when we awoke, we found ourselves suspended over the top of a volcano, horizontally. Should we break any ropes, we would immediately fall into the hot lava below! Dr. Cumulus stood on a catwalk next to the crater.Finally awake? Good! Just in time for your demise! Those ropes holding you weaken every second, due to the heat drying them out! Soon a rope will fray and break, and you four will plunge into the lava!Seeing we are about to die, why not tell us how you can increase the strength of a hurricane? I asked.Very well! Curiosity killed the cat, eh? As you probably know, a tropical depression becom...

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