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...body had even realised something had just taken place; all that was left of the boy was a pale ghost with white hair and startlingly green eyes.After some fifteen completely dumbfounded seconds, he began to realise what had happened, and laughed. He thought he was insane, but then again, he was sort of saving his sanity by doing so at the same time.It was, however, a different story when his mother leaped down the stairs four at a time, feet pounding on the ground as she rushed to the portal. He stared at her for a moment, crinkling his eyebrows together. She came to halt in front of him, staring through the depths of the green swirls and into a shadow that looked vaguely like her son.The teen looked back and blinked in a puzzled manner, moving forward and closer to the figure. He exited the portal and then boggled at his mother, tilting his head to the left, and then to the right, as if he didnt quite know what to make of her. And then, gingerly, he reached out a glowing hand and placed it on her head, tilting it so he could see the underside of the neck.The woman jerked away immediately, subconsciously reaching for her head where her sons hand had been. With absolute horror, she stared at her floating boy. The pit of her stomach felt as though it...

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