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...harp teeth, asking "Do you have a tail, too?" Frowning even more, Hermione nodded. "It's about two, two-and-a-half feet long." "How'd this happen?" "I tried my first animagus transformation today," she said with a sniffle. "McGonagall suggested that I attempt it seeing how well I've been progressing." "And you turned into a half-cat, half-girl?" "No! Let me explain. The first time a witch or wizard tries to transform, they change into whatever animal best represents them for a split second. So, by all means, I should've changed and then reverted in the blink of an eye. But when I tried to do it, I sprouted ears, a tail, yellow eyes, and sharp teeth. "Something went wrong, obviously. McGonagall rushed me to the hospital ward so that she and Pomfrey could try and fix me. When Pomfrey made a comment about me turning into a cat in our second year, McGonagall grew suspicious." Hermione paused to blow her nose into a handkerchief. "I had to tell them about the polyjuice incident. I didn't tell Pomfrey the truth in second year because I was afraid of getting in trouble. So, McGonagall ended up fetching Snape. When he got to the Ward, he explained, in his best condescending manner of course, that polyjuice is to be used for human to human transformation only. If an animal hair is used, the polyjuice is mutated. Instead of the effects only lasting ninety minutes, it can last indefinitely. The potion and the animal DNA would still be in the person's body, even years later...
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