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... dabbed the brush into the paint and began to paint on the canvas. The color Squidward chose was a bright yellow. Hmm. he thought as he was working. Let's see how this turns out. he painted and painted, eventually choosing white and brown and red. He kept painting for what seemed like hours. Squidward then chose a light blue.He carefully painted out the details of his developing picture. As he painted, a wave of sadness and guilt came over him. He tried to shake it off, but it was nearly impossible. He almost made some mistakes as he was painting.Gah. Squidward said as he accidentally put some blue where yellow should be. He waited for it to dry some more and then painted over it. He kept painting until the picture was finished. He took a step back to admire his work, and gasped at what he saw.The picture he had painted was a portrait of Spongebob himself. This did give Squidward a scare. But what scared him the most was the expression he had painted on Spongebob.The portrait, rather than being one of a happy Spongebob with his ridiculous grin, was one that bore an expression of broken heartedness. Similar to that picture Squidward had taken during their first Christmas.His eyes had swollen to enormous proportions, his brows were furrowed as one about to cry would have them. From one eye, a teardrop leaked out and threatened to fall to the sandy bottom. His long nose drooped down over ...

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