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...ice to be outside again… I had spend a long time in my pokeball by then, sitting in the storage system, waiting… actually, that was what most of my young life had been spend doing. My first memory was of emerging from an egg, carried by Crystal, my owner. Immediately after, I was put in a pokeball, so I barely had the time to get a good look at the world. She never used me in a fight, but the other five pokemon she was carrying told me bit about the world. I learned that the egg I had emerged from came from this place – the daycare center. That my mother was an Espeon, and that I had three brothers: Flareon, Jolteon and Umbreon. I would one day become a Vaporeon, and the family would be complete. The two I would be sharing this yard with were both much bigger and much older than I. They were also both male, though the importance of that fact had not yet registered to me. Neither of them seemed to be capable of relaxing. Machamp was furiously attacking the air, launching swift series of jabs with his lower set of arms, while blocking unseen blows with the upper pair. Rhydon was drilling holes in the air with his rotating horn, the ground shaking slightly every time he set his foot down. I, on the other hand, was perfectly content doing nothing, just enjoying the fresh air and sunlight.  A few days later, both of the guys had calmed down some… well, actually, they had just gotten tired of fighti...

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