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...couldn't find else where. But the thought of Wuya lying to him, not trusting him made his blood boil. He put all his anger into his training but it didn't help. It only made him grow anger. The wind around him begun to grow stronger and more restless. It was as if he and the wind were one.Dashi showed no care about the life around him. All he could think about was her. Dashi started to let out his anger in words as will as moves. "What was so bad that she has to hide it from everyone? From me? Doesn't she know that there are people out there who care about her and love her?" With one more move he said in a more sad and low tone,"Doesn't she see that I care? Doesn't she see that I..." Dashi stopped as he noticed Wuya watching him. Had been there the hole time? Why hadn't she said something? The truth was that she had seen him while out on a walk. She was going to say hello, but stopped when she saw how he was acting. In six months, she had only saw him train once. Seeing him today fighting with so much anger frighten her. That wasn't the Dashi she knew. The Dashi she had grown to love. And when he started yelling she know that something wasn't right and the wind... The wind felt so dark and evil that her blood ran cold. Had her father seed been plant in him? Had he become like her father? Dashi reached a hand to grab her. "Wuya I..." He never get a chance to finish f...
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