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... two to have each other close by." "Thanks a lot." Paige said, while Sam nodded. "We really appreciate all the help." "No problem, sugah. Your orientation won't start until tomorrow, so you two are free for the rest of the day. If you need anything, just use the intercom like Kurt said and someone will be along to help. Oh, and welcome to your new home." "Thank you." They both said together. After Rogue and Kurt left, they looked at each other and let out a breath to release the nervousness they'd both been feeling. Then they turned and entered their respective rooms to unpack. However, the moment Paige entered her room, her jaw dropped and her eyes grew wide with amazement. Her room was twice the size of the one she'd had back home and this one even had a large walk-in closet. She dropped her suitcase on the large, queen-sized bed and sat down next to it. She just couldn't believe how quickly her life had changed. One moment, she was living at home with her lower middle-class family and the next she was living in a mansion with other mutants. She only hoped she'd make enough of an impression tomorrow that they'd allow her to stay. She shook her head in disbelief at the fortunate turn her life had taken, and then began unpacking her suitcase. Once she'd finished, she took a shower and slid into her new bed. Within only minutes, she was sound asleep with a ...

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