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... know. Weird combo.25. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? Uh, let me think about this for two seconds-SOCCER, BABY!!!26. SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU: Jack is..uh..Jacks-OH WHO AM I KIDDING?? ITS JACK FREAKING SPICER!!! HES A TOTAL FREAK!!!27. WHAT IS UNDER YOUR BED?: What bed? Seriously, I sleep on a freakin MAT!!!28. WHAT IS IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR?: Dont have a car, but if I did, probably my surfboard.29. TOILET PAPER/PAPER TOWELS - OVER OR UNDER: WTF?!?! You expect me to answer this?30. OF ALL THE PEOPLE YOU E-MAILED THIS TO, WHO'S THE MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND?: Jack just to disagree with number 26.31. BELIEVE IN GOD? Yeah, actually. Would you believe my parents were religious?32. 2%, 1%, WHOLE, NONFAT/SKIM MILK?: OH GOSH! ANYTHING BUT SKIM MILK!! Bleurueaargh!33. RED OR WHITE SAUCE ON PASTA? Red.34. COKE OR PEPSI? Coke.35. DO YOU WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT EVERY TIME YOU ARE IN THE CAR? Yeah, out of habit I guess.36. ARE YOU A PILLAR OF COMMUNICATION? Compared to Kimiko, NO!37. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR TONIGHT? Beat up Jack, beat up Hannibal, steal Kims diary, beat up Hannibal again38. LAST CONCERT YOU WENT TO? Gotta agree with Kim. Fung dude doesnt gives a lot of down time.39. HOW MUCH JEWELRY DO YOU WEAR? Just my medallion.40. DID YOU ENJOY DOING THIS?: Sure, if annoys evil people. IN YOUR FACES!!I so need to show th...

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