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... fifth rehearsal."He is. It's like de ja vu," Brian agreed."Well, he should be especially familiar to you," said Chaos with a snort."What's that supposed to mean?" demanded Brian."It means that he's, like, exactly like you.""He's not anything like me!" said Brian defensively. "I mean, yeah, he's a dog, but that's pretty much where the similarities end. He's a prick! And it takes him, uh, I dunno, what, a week to get out a sentence?"Chaos smirked. "Yes, I can see how completely and utterly different you are."Brian glared at her, but he could see her point. They were sort of alike. And then he had an aha moment. "Wait a minute, I know why Mayhem bothers to hang around him! He must remind her of me, which she likes because she still loves me!""No she doesn't," said Chaos quickly."Bull," said Brian.Peter, Mayhem, and Stewie made their way onstage (Ryan and Meg were already sitting next to the large cardboard box they would pretend was Snoopy's house until the sets were made) so rehearsal could begin."What took you so long?" said Brian."We were havin' technical difficulties with Stewie's blanket," Peter explained."Huh." Brian didn't know that a blanket could have "technical difficulties". Or that Peter even knew the phrase "technical difficulties"."Okay, everyone, we're gonna rehearse 'The Doctor Is In," Lois announced."Alright, maybe she does," Chaos hissed at Brian, "but it doesn't change anythi...

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